1. At what age can my child start the Canskate Program?

Answer: In general, most children start at age 3. The club does however accept children at 2 ½ years old if they can be alone on the ice and are able to follow a group. Generally the second child of the family is usually ready earlier because he/she will want to follow his big brother or big sister.

2. Does the parent go on the ice with the child?

Answer: No, the parents are not allowed to go on the ice with their child. This is a question of security and insurance with Skate Canada.

3. How can I register my child for the Canskate program?

Answer: Present yourself at the registration dates noted on our website (www.dieppegoldbaldes.com) or send an email to info@dieppegoldbaldes.com.

4. What equipment does my child require to follow the Canskate program?

Answer: Your child will require a CSA approved helmet. The visor or the face cage is not mandatory; it is your choice. The child must be dressed warmly; a heavy snowsuit is not necessary. A lighter coat to keep he/she warm with an extra sweater, a pair of nylon pants with jogging pants is sufficient. The child should be able to move freely; the snowsuits tend to be heavy. The skates (hockey/ringuette or figure skates) are of your choice. The child should also have a good pair of mittens; no hockey gloves.

5. At what time do skaters start wearing a skating dress?

Answer: In general, starting at level 5 or 6 of the Canskate program, some of the girls wear a skating dress, but this is not mandatory. The importance is to not be cold. The dress is however mandatory starting at the junior level during test days and competitions. For the practices, starting at the junior level, it is asked to wear sport pants (i.e.leggings). It must be adjusted at the ankles to eliminate getting the bottom of the pant catching the skate.

6. What is the cost?

Answer: Please consult the registration forms found on the website under “Registrations” (www.dieppegoldblades.com).

7. What is the schedule for the Canskate program?

Answer: Please consult the schedule for the Canskate program by selecting the section “Schedule” (www.dieppegoldblades.com).

8. If my child does not like skating, can I get reimbursed?

Answer: There is no reimbursement after the first session of skating, however some exeptions apply. Please send an email to: info@dieppegoldblades.com

9. What is the child/coach ration on the ice?

Answer: The ratio is 10 children for one professional/assistant coach. We have professional coaches certified by Skate Canada. We also have program assistants that help out to ensure a better program execution.

10. The Canskate program contains how many levels?

Answer: There are 6 levels to complete following the preschool level. Your child has a possibility of acquiring 3 ribbons in each level, and also acquiring a badge at the completion of each level.

11. How can we find out if skating is cancelled due to a snowstorm?

Answer: Consult our home web page.