Photos 2017-18 competitions

2018 Robert McCall Memorial (East Hants, NS) Feb 2-4, 2018

2018 SCNB Winter Skate (Fredericton) Jan 5-7, 2018

Skaters qualified for the 2018 Skate Canada Challenge (Pierrefonds, Qc) Nov 29-Dec 3, 2017

2018 NB Sectionals Championships (Amherst, NS) Nov 3-5, 2017

2017 Fall Skate (Memramcook) Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017


Photos 2016-17 competitions 

2017 Skate Dartmouth (Dartmouth, NS) Feb 3-5, 2017


Noémie Chiasson STAR 8, Silver & Bronze Women Interpretive, Bronze, Monette LeBlanc Gold Interpretive women adult, Gold, Annick Wade Gold Women, Silver, Estelle LeBlanc Junior Women, Gold, Katia Ivanov STAR 5 U13, Silver

2017 SCNB Winter Skate (Dieppe) Jan 6-8, 2017


Medalists photo:
From left to right:
Noémie Chiasson (STAR 8 – Gold), Catherine Baril (Pre-Novice – Gold), Emily Miller (STAR 4 U13 – Gold), Ginette Savoie (Adult Bronze Inter – Silver), Stéphanie LeBlanc (Silver Women Inter – Gold), Dominique Gould (Novice – Silver), Julia Short (Gold Women Inter – Bronze), Annick Wade (STAR 10 – Silver), Danielle Duclos (Adult Bronze Inter – Gold & Adult Silver Women – Silver), Kaylie Stiles (Pre-Juvenile U13 – Gold), Olivier Baril (STAR 5 U13 – Gold), Annabelle Boudreau (Juvenile U12 – Bronze), Catherine Cormier (Juvenile U14 – Gold). Absent: Isabelle Arseneau (STAR 8 – Bronze & Bronze Women Inter – Silver)
Skaters that won ribbons:
Back left to right: Isabelle Savoie, Irina Gerdova, Christine Davis, Samuelle Boudreau
Front left to right: Anamaude Drapeau, Véronique Baril, Maëlle Hébert, Ariane Raymond

Skaters qualified for the 2017 Skate Canada Challenge (Pierrefonds, Qc) Nov 30-Dec4, 2016

Qualifiés pour Défi Canada 2017-2

Pre-Novice Dance: Alex Léger (Sackville S.C.) et Nadine Thomas

Pre-Novice: Catherine Baril

2017 NB Sectionals Championships (Dieppe) Nov 4-6, 2016

Sectionnals 2017-2


Catherine Cormier argent/silver (Juvénile M14/Juvenile U14) et/and or/gold (Éléments Star 8 Elements), Noémie Chiasson bronze (Éléments Star 8 Elements), Catherine Baril or/gold (Pré-Novice/Pre-Novice), Kaylie Stiles argent/silver (Pré-Juvénile M13/Pre-Juvenile U13) et/and or/gold (Éléments Star 6 Elements), Annick Wade bronze (Éléments Star 10 Elements), Julia Short or/gold (Femmes Or/Gold Women), Isabelle Arseneau argent/silver (Éléments Star 8 Elements), Estelle LeBlanc argent/silver (Junior Femmes/Junior women), Katia Ivanov or/gold (Éléments Star 5 Elements), Annabelle Boudreau argent/silver (Juvénile M12/Juvenile U12) et argent/silver (Éléments Star 6 Elements)

2016 Fall Skate (Memramcook) Sept 30-Oct2, 2016

Fall skate 2016 016


Annabelle Boudreau (Argent/Silver) Juvénile U12 Femmes/Women, Catherine Baril (Bronze) Pré-Novice Femmes/Women, Kaylie Stiles (Bronze) Pre-juvénile U13 Femmes/Women, Annick Wade (Or/Gold) Star 10 Elements  et/and (Argent/Silver) Star 10 Elements et/and (Bronze) Gold Interprétation Or, Stéphanie LeBlanc (Argent/Silver)Gold Interprétation Or, Estelle LeBlanc (Or/Gold) Junior Femmes/Women, Sarah Jones (Or/Gold) Star 8 Elements , Katia Ivanov (Bronze) Star 5 U 13 filles/girls, Noémie Chiasson (Argent/silver)  Star 8 Elements, Catherine Cormier (Argent/Silver)  Juvenile U14 Femmes/Women et/and (Argent/Silver) Star 8 Elements 

Fall skate 2016 011-2

Skaters with ribbons

Maëlle Hébert, Dieppe, Véronique Baril, Dieppe, Isabelle LeBlanc, Riverview, Samuelle Boudreau, Dieppe, Isabelle Savoie, Dieppe, Daphné Gould, Memramcook, Chanelle Green, Memramcook, Ella Anglehart, Riverview


Photos 2015-16 competitions


Our skaters and coaches getting ready for 2016 Winter Skate competition (Jan 2016).


Medalists at 2016 Sectionals Championships (Nov 2015).


Medalists at 2016 Winter Skate competition.


Our two skaters qualified for 2017 Skate Canada Challenge.